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Tom, Amanda & family need your prayers more than anything. If you would like to help support them financially that is greatly appreciated too. Even though treatment is done he is still being seen regularly by six different specialists and has follow up scans and tests to check for disease. As of June 2015, Collin is no longer covered by secondary insurance and anything that is not covered by primary insurance is their responsibility. Collin is currently on a regimen of supplements to help support his immune system as well as cleanse out toxins that may linger in his body. He is also a regular chiropractic patient- to help fix damage done to his body from being in bed for so long and also to help keep his immune system and body functioning at its highest level. They also travel to and from many appointments so money for gas is always welcome.

On behalf of Tom and Amanda, thank you for your constant support– may God bless all you do for His honor and the welfare of His people.

How to Donate

You can donate to help Collin’s family in any of these ways:

  1. By Check
    Send a check payable to
    Thomas Anderson
    1412 Garfield Avenue
    Waukesha WI 53189
  2. Anonymously / Money Order
    If you wish to donate anonymously, you can do so by money order
    Instructions for money orders
    Note: Money orders may cost about $3.00 through your bank.
  3. Credit Card / PayPal
    To pay by credit card online (securely), you can use PayPal.If you have a PayPal Account:
    You can donate with no fees (as long as your account doesn’t draw money from a credit card). (Note: There will be up to a 2% fee taken out of the donation for people donating from outside the U.S.) Do not use the Donate button below. Sign into your account and use the email address as the recipient of your gift.See image below for how to transfer funds through your account, which eliminates fees.

    transfer with PayPal

    How to transfer funds with PayPal without a fee.

    If you don’t have a PayPal account:

    Be advised that 3.4% of your donation will go toward PayPal’s fees (in the U.S. – for other countries, the fee is 3.9%). Use the Donate button below to Donate with PayPal and your credit card. Under “Why Use PayPal”, click “Continue” to donate without an account.



Q: Do I have to pay a gift tax on my donation?
A: According to this site, you do not have to pay taxes on your gift if it is under $14,000.
Q: Can I make tax-deductible donations?
A: There isn’t anything set up presently for this. You have to be a non-profit organization to be able to make donations tax-deductible, but it’s possible that we may figure out a way to do this in the future. If you know of ways to benefit donors or donees, please contact us.

Summary of donations received:

  • A fundraiser event (now passed) was created for Collin through GiveForward.
  • McFlury Run/walk at Onalaska High School raised nearly $4500

Giving Back

The Anderson family would also like to help others in similar circumstances, so if you are interested in donating please check out the Courageous Collin Facebook page or our Giving Back page.

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