Before transplant  |  After transplant, before release from Hospital

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  1. So glad for all the good updates! We continue to earnestly pray. Did you ever wall paper his wall with the pictures of all in our Collin Tee Shirts? Much love to each one of you!

  2. thanks for all the wonderful updates. Again, Amanda, you have SUCH a gift of expressing yourself. So glad you included your fears, so don’t ever be ashamed to do that. I will pray for you as requested! Please send my thanks for the lovely lady who painted the shoes. I wasn’t quite sure how to write to her. She, too, is an angel. I love that she takes some of her time to help the kids. The shoes are amazing. Continued better days and happy times with your wonderful family!

  3. Thanks for you update. It is so wonderful to hear that Collin’s numbers are going up and that he is eating. I so hope that the treatments will continue to be a little easier on him. Merry Christmas to Collin and to the entire family. May lights shine brightly over your house and your family.

  4. Thanks for the update. So happy to hear things are going well and pray they continue to do so. Bless you all. Our prayers are with all of you and your friends.

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