Prayer Request

Was hoping to ask for some prayers. Last week Collin complained of leg pain again. He didn’t wake up screaming and wasn’t limping but the leg pain is still something we take very seriously and causes both mom and dad to fear. I took him to the chiropractor and they said that his pelvis was very twisted. This is probably due to the fact that he was sledding everyday last week and climbing sledding hills and pulling sleds and just being kind of crazy. However, leg pain is not something that is easy to rationalize away in this house, especially since that is how he was originally diagnosed. He only complained of it hurting for like a day but it was still a very stressful 48 hours of getting him adjusted and waiting to see if he complained of pain anymore. As our oncologist likes to say “it’s not the pain that come and goes that you should worry about, it’s the pain that come and stays”. Waiting to see if it comes and goes or if it stays is INCREDIBLY hard. This morning when he was about to go to school he said his shin hurt really bad. I checked to see if he bruised it and nothing. On the way to school I asked again and he said it was better. But I called school later and the nurse asked him how his leg was and he said worse. So I made a call into the clinic and they said to monitor it and if I’m concerned to take him into the pediatrician. There is a huge part of me that was just hoping that they would say they’d scan him and do blood work because then we would just know instead of sitting here wondering. Before I called the pediatrician I wanted to personally talk to Collin, so I loaded the boys up and took them to school and asked him myself how he was doing. He said it was better but that his groin had hurt him a bit too when his shin was hurting. So now I’m waiting to see how he feels after school and if it’s bothering him again we will make a trip to the pediatrician. I as specifically that you pray for us as parents as we wait this out that we would have peace and that Collin’s leg pain would go away and not be a sign of something bigger. I know that pregnancy makes this mom even more anxious than normal, but I will say I could really use your prayers because I am so anxious. So any prayers would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks Amanda

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Prayer Request — 8 Comments

  1. Hail Mary full of grace, with your gentle and loving heart ease the minds of Amanda and Tom. Fill their hearts with full trust in our Lord to keep the entire Anderson family healthy and joy filled now and forever.
    Love you all, D

  2. We are praying for your peace of mind and for Collin’s health. The Lord knows and understands your anxious thoughts…