Update 12/4/14

Well it has been a while since I posted and we have some things coming up so I thought now was probably a good time. The last few months have been busy and wonderful. Collin has been doing well in school and working hard on learning his Bible verses, homework,  and Tae Kwon do. He also loves doing projects and so my dining room has been converted into a craft room. I’ve given up using it as an actual eating place unless we have people over… Anyway, I will post some pictures of the past few months so you can see our fun happenings. It’s been very nice spending time together as a family and living a “normal” life. As his mom I have made huge strides lately in where my mind is and I hope and pray it keeps going that way. I have been able to answer calls from the school without immediately thinking it’s cancer related and I was even able to wrap presents the other day without the thought of his diagnosis crossing my mind (I got the call he had cancer when wrapping presents). These may not seem like big things, but they really are. I have less anxious days and more wonderful days which is a welcomed change.
Collin has scans coming up the week before Christmas. He has both an MRI and CT scan Thursday, December 20th and our appointment with his oncologist is Friday afternoon. The CT is what he usually has for checking his tumor and he also has blood work done when they do his IV to check for signs in his blood work as well. He is also having an MRI this time that is specific to checking for iron storage in his liver and heart. If you recall on one of my past updates, I indicated that one of his levels was high. Long story short, there is a new protocol for cancer kids related to iron overload. This iron overload occurs because of the countless transfusions these kids have to get to save their life. Unfortunately though, these same life saving measures could have long-term negative side effects and really affect some of his major organs. So they are now checking kids who have a Ferratin level of 500 or over for these overloads. The liver they check because that is usually the first organ to retain extra iron (from my understanding) and the heart is the “last” organ to retain. So by checking both, they will have a clear picture on how progressed his overload problem is. I’m praying they see nothing, but we will see. Once I know the results I can update you on their plan, but I’m not going to post all the “what if’s” now as there are many. He will have these done on the same day because he will already have an IV in place for the CT and I asked for him not to have an additional IV put in that week as it is never an easy thing for him. He has to be sedated for the MRI so hopefully that goes well.
He has been doing so well that I have little reason to believe they will see anything on the scan, but one never knows. His stomach has taken a turn lately for the worse due to him getting strep throat and needing to be on medication so extra prayer for that as well would be great. Thank you for all who continue to pray. As we approach this time of year, I am VERY aware of how blessed we are and how different out lives looked 2 Christmas’s before this one. We are thankful beyond expression that Collin is here and doing well and pray that his past cancer dealings and his future life can bring glory to God for all He has given us.
One more note… we are again participating in a fundraiser for childhood cancer. This one is specific to the MACC fund. The MACC fund is used primarily for research at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, but the clinic he is seen in is also called the MACC fund clinic. Collin’s Tae Kwon Do studio does a yearly Board Break-a-thon to raise money for this and this year Collin is participating. If you are looking for some place to help, this is a great cause. As my husband so nicely stated in his FB post “Collin is in Twa Kwon Do now and is doing awesome. He is testing for his purple belt next week. JK Lee is a big supporter of the MACC fund. Please consider supporting a very worthy cause. No kid deserves to have cancer..!!” Here is the link in case you’re interested in checking it out or helping us. Thanks for your consideration! 🙂 Collin Anderson’s Personal Page for 2015 J.K. Lee BBAT
Thankful for…
* A God who is not so high that He cannot hear or cannot have a relationship with. He hears and answers prayers and we can have a very real and personal relationship with Him.
* Another year with Collin- a healthy Collin and a healthy Grandpa A. A year of unquestionable answered prayers and so many treasured moments.
* The strides Browyn has made in her treatment! PRAISE GOD!
* The wonderful family God has blessed us with- immediate and extended.
* The amazing friends and prayer warriors we have!
* Your prayers- even now the knowledge of those prayers is one of my greatest sources of strength.
Please pray…
* That these upcoming scans would show no signs of cancer and continued signs of the power of God.
* That the MRI would go well and that if they see something, it would be something that can be taken care of.
* For strength and peace this month as this is always a hard month- the month he was diagnosed.
* For Sam’s family. Very soon he will have been gone for a year and I know his absence is still heavily felt by the family.
* For continued healing for Browyn. That she would be able to withstand her feeds as they turn them up, that she would be hungry again and that she would continue to show no signs of cancer.
* That Collin’s bowels would heal.










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