Update 3/2/13

So today was a pretty uneventful day where Collin is concerned which is great. He slept in until 9 this morning which is good because he needed the sleep- unfortunately the only time we can go to church is the Sunday before he goes back in for chemo because that is usually when his numbers are descent. Anyway, Tom went to church while Chrissy stayed and helped me with the boys. Collin took his medicine again today without much issue- I won’t say we’re perfect yet because he still protests- but it’s only for a minimal time (the incentives for hard medicine days have really helped!) The boys played most of the day with a break for a nap. He seems to have a ton of energy and this chemo didn’t seem to wipe him out as much as the last. They also said that he might have constipation issues but we have not had any yet so that is nice. They also said that he might have mouth/bottom sores after this round when his numbers drop- I really hope not! So we really have to keep on top of his mouthwashes. Now I’m just waiting to see the numbers from the blood draw which will happen on Wednesday. This happens exactly a week after the beginning of his chemo- which sometimes is when his numbers start to drop (7-10 days after the start of his chemo). So not much else to report- other than it’s nice having Chrissy here because she has “ways” of helping Collin to take his meds, do his mouthwash, or eat. It’s nice she does this because it gives mom a much needed break! For example, last night they had a competition to see who could do their mouthwashes longer. Collin won- I stopped counting after he reached 120 seconds and I can tell you he went as least a minute after that. He’s super good at doing these when he wants to!
I was telling Chrissy today that I never thought I’d wish for a mundane life- but I certainly wouldn’t mind one right now. Life has changed so much- and it’s hard to believe we’ve pretty much been doing this for 3 months now. It feels like they have flown by but also feels like we’ve been doing this forever. It’s hard to believe that Luke will be four months in a couple weeks and Collin is at the point where he’s being scanned again. I feel like we just got this diagnosis… I have included some pictures just to give you a peek into our world of vitamins and medicines so you can see a bit of what it entails. However, this is by no means all of what we have in the house- but just thought I’d show you some of it. Now I’m headed to bed early tonight because I just never feel like I get any sleep…
I will end by saying- there is no possible way to say thank you to all of you that are praying for Collin and our family. There have been so many answers to prayer for him and he is so blessed and fortunate to have the prayers of so many- even people we’ve never met! So thank you for taking time to pray for us- there just aren’t enough words…

Thankful for…

* Prayer- and the countless people that are praying for him around the world. Not only do Tom and I know it, but Collin knows it as well and even takes time to tell the doctors and nurses that there are people all over praying for him!
* The boys enjoying time with each other.
* A low key day with no major issues and success with eating, medicine, and vitamins.
* The kindness of others shown to us during this time… again there are just not enough words to express how humbled we are and how much we appreciate everyone’s kindness.
* The love that Collin shows continuously.

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Update 3/2/13 — 1 Comment

  1. I give you and your family so much credit for staying so strong and brave, and especially taking the time to fill us in on all the details so often. It is much appreciated and you continue to stay with us through thoughts and prayers every day!