Update 2/3/13

It seems that there are those of you that check everyday for updates- I should probably tell you that in my world- no news is good news. It usually means that life is pretty mundane (which is wonderful lately) and too boring to tell you about or that I am unable to blog because I’m busy. I was busy this weekend with fun stuff. Collin woke up Thursday morning early and was running around the house opening doors and shouting “wake up mom and dad it’s time to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house!” He was so excited and then moments later was sobbing when I told him that we were going the next day. Well after a few minutes of pondering I thought “why not” we don’t have anything planned today other than relaxing and Tom wouldn’t go at the same time as us, so hey we’ll just go early. He was SO excited. However, not fun trying to pack for a whole weekend and all three boys as well as myself when my sweet crazy Coop is undoing everything I do. He kept throwing clothes out of the suitcase and when he wasn’t doing that he was following me into whatever room I was taking clothes from, to terrorize it! Needless to say, I sent them downstairs to play so I could pack and when that didn’t work- Coop ended up doing some time in his crib! We arrived at Grandpa and Grandma’s at about 4 and pretty soon after that Tim brought the girls over to play. Collin was pretty excited about this as well as he was really looking forward to seeing them. They played most of the night and Becca came over when she was done with work. The next day, I got to stop by Northern Hills with Luke, which I was very excited about. At the end of last year I had big plans about coming back all the time to say “hi”, but obviously that hasn’t happened so I was very excited to get to stop in (and I was SO not happy on Thursday night when mom told me that school might get canceled due to the cold). If there was ever a day that I hoped for regular school is was Friday. Can I just say that it is incredible how much kids grow from June to January! Wow- they all looked so grown up! All the kids were so kind and asked how Collin was doing and talked about how they all wanted to donate- but honestly just seeing their faces and hugging them was a huge spirit lifter! Then I got to see a lot of the staff which was really nice as well and they got to see Luke (mainly Gail cuz he loves her!) Then Friday afternoon was a much anticipated event for Collin- he got to see Cindy and her family and Owen and Addison. He had talked about that all week and told most people about seeing them all weekend. For those of you that don’t know- Cindy was our daycare provider (I also taught her kids) and Owen was Collin’s good friend at daycare. It was so nice to spend a few hours with them! Then Friday night later- Liz, Thad, Amy, and Charlie arrived (my sister and her family) and my brother Mike. (He’s married to Ashley but she was being really kind and stayed home because she wasn’t feeling 100%- although we did miss her!) Collin was so excited about seeing them that he went to bed even later than I did on Friday night. Saturday morning I got to meet up for coffee with my good friend Janice which was so awesome! The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with family and spending quality time- watching the kids laugh and play and argue occasionally. Today, Tim and Becca came for lunch again with the kids and we all got to be together. I would say that this weekend was probably one of the best mental breaks for Collin since this whole thing started. He got to see so many of the people that he loves and got to play with all of his cousins! I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see him smile and laugh and just play like my normal Collin. Such a blessing! Needless to say he did not want to come home today! This week we will start the 3rd round of chemo on Wednesday. This round is supposed to be harder on him than the last two, so I’m not looking forward to that and praying that he will have minimal negative affects. There is a possibility that the doctor with have his scans repeated after this session, but it could happen after the next one as well. Needless to say, that has been weighing heavily on my mind and my heart. While the weekend was wonderful, it was also very bittersweet for me because I couldn’t help but think all weekend that there might not be many more weekends like this one and I pray that the Lord answers our prayers and grants him a miracle.

Thankful for…
* A weekend spent with family and friends where we all could rest and mentally rejuvenate after the stress of the last few months and the ones ahead.
* The smiles and laughs from all of my children.
* A time between treatments without a hospital stay!
* The continued prayers of many!

Please pray…
* That Collin would feel minimal side effects from this upcoming treatment.
* That these treatments would shrink or totally get rid of the tumor.
* That Collin would continue to be in good spirits.
* That the upcoming scans would show the signs of a miracle and that the tumor would be greatly reduced in size or almost gone.

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Update 2/3/13 — 2 Comments

  1. Wonderful!! Such a nice Family time.
    I do NOT know how you write as much as you do but we are w/ you on this journey and do Pray all will be well.
    It is a heart rending thing to have sick children, I knew nothing much about it,Thankful to the Lord.But this story breaks my Heart.I have a friend in her 50’s near 60 now in terrible times, w/ returning Cancer.She is in Treatment’s,but the Dr. holds no hope.Cathy Allen You can pray for her.You are a bust lady.”Those who seek the Lord shall NOT lack any good thing” Ps.34:10..Wilma N.S canada.

  2. Lovely family pictures,so glad for your great weekend. We continue to pray for you daily. Love Lois and Dick