Update 3/17/13

Yesterday was a nice day because we had a Saturday at home with the kids and because we had a nice visit with Kent, Angie and Noah Orr. It was great to see them and Noah and Collin had a lot of fun sitting together in the chair and playing games. Collin also liked giving Kent a hard time, in fact tonight after his shower he was sitting by the heater and he just started laughing to himself and he was like “mom remember when Kent, Angie and Noah were here and I made Kent eat an M&M off the floor and he said it tasted like stinky feet”…. ha ha ha. He just thought it was so funny! Thanks Kent for making him laugh! Anyway, then when they left last night Grandpa and Grandma A took off at about the same time. Collin also had a lot of fun playing with Grandpa on Friday night and a bit Sat. He was busy making him food in the tent all night. Then Collin, Coop and I went for a little drive to Murfs so mom could get something to eat and Collin was busy talking up a storm in the drive through about the car wash next door. It was good for him to get out even if it was for a little bit, because he’s always so cooped up at the hospital or here. He even got to wear his new Spiderman high-tops that auntie Chrissy had bought him. I also had a chance to run errands yesterday to Kohls to get him new dress shoes and to the library to get him some books. Originally he wanted to go but then he didn’t really want to leave here when Grandpa and Grandma were here and I think this whole experience has kind of made him a hermit unfortunately. So I picked him up about 30 books (which is actually nothing for us.) I should tell you though that the last time we checked out books, we didn’t get them back on time and like I said we usually check out a ton at a time. Well we happened to be in the hospital this last time and to top it off with, we have been in and out of the hospital before that so it’s not like it was on the top of our list when thinking about things. So we apparently racked up a rather large fine…. so I tried to talk to the librarian and explain the situation- she didn’t seem too receptive or caring. Which I think is kind of ridiculous, I don’t know if she thought I was making it up or what, but who makes that kind of a thing up just to get out of a library fine…. so she told me I had to fill out a fine reduction form and turn in proof that we were truly in the hospital at the time the books were due. I just can’t really believe it…. like they can’t just cut us a break. Obviously the first thing on my mind when I came home from the hospital was getting the library books back! AH! Anyway, I sort of had to chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. 
Last night, Collin came into the room at about 2:30 and wanted to sleep in there because Coop had woke him up because he was laying in bed talking to himself. So Tom laid his sleeping bag on the floor, and Coop started screaming so he went in there and tried to get him back to sleep. Which I guess took over an hour. Needless to say, between all the kids getting up last night, we didn’t get much sleep and didn’t have the chance to go to church this morning which is a real bummer because this was our one Sunday a month when we try to get there as a family because his numbers are usually reasonably ok. So we ended up spending a rather quiet day at the house. My friend Janice and her daughter Katie (who Collin says is HIS friend) stopped since they had a basketball tournament nearby and it was so nice to see both of them even though the visit was short. I love being able to see Janice! After that, the boys went with dad to Walmart to get food for fajitas because that’s what Collin wanted to eat. Mom did make him wear gloves there though as I’m not a fan of so many people by him with germs and him touching a very germy shopping cart. However, it was good for him to get out and he ended up coming home with a whole slew of things he had convinced his dad he wanted- like watermelon, cheetos and bubblegum. After supper, Dad and Coop went to church and Collin, Luke and I stayed home because Luke was really crabby and Collin needed a bath. I’ve included pictures today of his CVL since most of you don’t know what it looks like and also what it looks like when he takes a bath- and how it has to be all wrapped up. He ended up being in the bathtub for well over an hour and still didn’t really wanna get out. Then we read books and he ate some ice cream. It’s a good thing he ate descent tonight because tomorrow morning is his scan and he can’t eat until after it. So he can’t eat anything until probably 11:30 tomorrow.
So yes, tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is the day that we have been nervously praying about. I know that the scan itself is not anything really, however, it is the manifestation of months of treatment and months of prayer and I’m nervous. As you know, my prayer is that tomorrow’s scan shows no tumor, very little tumor, or a tumor that has shrunk away enough from his vital organs to make surgery a reasonably safe procedure. ( I say reasonably because they always tell you there are risks no matter how certain they are they can do it well.) So, here I sit wondering what the Lord’s plan is in all of this. The results of tomorrows scan will be flagged and sent to the surgical team for evaluation and I think that we will hear the results Wednesday during our regularly scheduled meeting with the doctors upon his admission for his 5th round of chemo. I would love to see this scan shock them for the positive. My prayer in all of this is that everyone looking on will see the incredible power of God and will not be able to just chalk it up to luck or science, but will KNOW that Someone bigger has intervened on Collin’s behalf. I know that is a bold request I’m making, but honestly, it’s not just on Collin’s behalf- I would also love for everyone watching to KNOW the presence of God in this situation. So I’m approaching the throne of God boldly…”Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrew 4:16. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Ephesians 3:20. So if you have some extra time in the next three days, please pray for these things. 
Thankful for…
* Collin’s increased appetite and lack of vomiting.
* A weekend spent visiting with friends and seeing Collin laugh and play.
* Mom being able to be home and feeling descent considering everything that happened as well as dad’s BP returning to a more normal range.
* A God who HAS answered many of our prayers up until this point.
* My son- I’ve always treasured my son dearly, but this entire experience just really makes me stop in wonder as I marvel at how amazing he is. He has such a kind and loving heart, he’s funny, and has more courage and tenacity than I could ever have. I hope if you’re a parent this experience can some how help you to appreciate your kiddos more and enjoy every minute of laughing, smiling, and even fighting (which kids often do).
Please pray…
* That I would be able to feel God’s presence in the scan tomorrow. Collin has no idea how huge this scan is- he just knows that he can’t eat and doesn’t like it. However, mom is acutely aware of the implications of this scan.
* That the scan will show that the tumor is gone or shrunk immensely.
* That Collin’s nausea in this next round would not be as uncontrollable as the last round and that it will be more manageable and he will recover faster so that he can regain his strength. He needs it for surgery if he has to have it and the next round of chemo. 
* That Collin’s c-diff would be gone when the medicine is done. 
* That Collin would continue to feel the presence of God through all his procedures and chemo’s.
* That all those watching and looking on will unquestionably KNOW the power of God. 


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  1. Praying for you and your family. Hoping you have calm nerves waiting to hear the scan results. Thank you for all the updates and want you to know that they mean so much to so many people. Its nice to hear about your days; both the joys and the struggles. you are an amazing wife, daughter, mother, and child of God. Such an inspiration to me.