Update 5/5/13

So not much has happened to report since our last post when we were in the ER. I didn’t receive any phone calls from the clinic which means that none of his tests came back positive for anything which is good. However, he still is pretty weak, doesn’t have a lot of energy, and is in pain of and on. We decided to be brave and ventured back to Onalaska (my hometown- and also the area we lived for our entire marriage). Our niece Molly turned 3 this weekend and it was her golden birthday and we really wanted to try and go since we won’t be going anywhere again for at least the next two months and we thought he was well enough to go. My sister Liz also brought her kids so were were able to spend some time with my side of the family as well. We were also able to stop in to Cindy’s house (his daycare provider when he was younger) on Friday night. He was so excited to see her and her family as well as Owen and his family. I’m sure he didn’t look to peppy, but when he got home he asked if we could go back again- which says a lot. It was so nice being able to be at Molly’s party on Sat, we went early so Collin could hang out without being near a ton of people and then when people started to arrive he wanted to head out because he was saying his stomach hurt, and we’ve noticed he really doesn’t like being near crowds of people at all. So he went home and took a nap and I went back to the party with Tom and the other two boys for a while. He was outside on and off a bit this weekend, but still didn’t have too much energy. This afternoon he said his tummy hurt and begged for medicine so I gave him some and then tonight when we got home, he was almost crying because he said it hurt so bad. So I don’t really know what to think of all of this… if he wakes up tonight in pain I will be calling the clinic in the morning because he just seems to be in a lot of pain 3 weeks after surgery. We have done so well without pain meds and now we are back to taking them again. The interesting thing is, it’s not his surgery area that hurts, it’s his bowels that seem to be the problem. He still has not had a solid stool and continues to have loose stools multiple times a day as well as his stomach making really loud noises constantly.
I must admit I really struggled last week because I was just so overwhelmed with things here. Juggling the boys with Collin’s health has become increasingly harder even with dad’s help. The more I am away the clingier Coop gets and the more he wants mommy. With Collin’s pain he has also been REALLY needy. He calls me constantly and many times it’s for things that anyone could do for him (including himself) but he wants mom to do them. So I am now pushing him harder to do more things for himself- nothing to major, but covering himself up with the blanket or reaching over and getting his own drink. He has really fought me on it and has fought me on things that seem so simple like taking a bath or brushing his teeth. It is really hard to meander what you should expect from him and what you should let go- and it’s hard to discipline him when he does not it as well. To hear him sit in his room and scream because he won’t listen is excruciating. Especially when you know he’s fighting you on this because he just wants some control over something in his life.. So a few more things to pray for…
I will say that this weekend was not only beautiful because of the weather, but it was beautiful because we got to spend time with out families and because I got to spend some quality time with my younger two boys as well. It is so much fun getting to play around with them. I will add a few fun pictures from the week, because we actually did get to have a few moments when he was feeling alright and we  had some fun. 🙂
Thankful for…
* A God who hears and answers prayers- even the ones we don’t verbally express.
* Time spent with family and friends this weekend.
* The countless answers to prayers we’ve already received and the ones yet to come…
* The beautiful weather lately which has allowed the boys to get out and play.
Please pray…
* That Collin’s stomach would stop hurting and that it would return back to normal size and consistency as right now it is bigger and harder than normal.
* That Collin would be feeling better before he enters his 6th round of chemo this week which is set to start Wednesday.
* That Collin will not run a fever after this round so that he can enjoy his time home recovering before having to head into his high dose chemo and bone marrow transplant.
* That all of the upcoming test (MRI, MEBG scan, bone marrow biopsy and who knows what else…) will show that the chemo has done it’s job thus far and that it is not in his bone marrow or anywhere else. 
* That Collin would be able to eat more as he still has not been able to eat a full meal, and that he would be able to sleep through the night as he hasn’t done this yet since being home either.
* That the upcoming transplant and high dose chemo would go well and he would not be in too much pain and would not have to visit the ICU and would be able to go home sooner than expected.
* That the cancer would be entirely gone from his body and that it would never return.
* For another little boy named Jay (who is 3)- who’s original diagnosis was also Neuroblastoma but soon after finding out that his tumor was nearly gone developed Leukemia and has just undergone a bone marrow transplant that has left him with many complications.
* For my friend Angie and her family- who lost her grandmother Friday due to Lou Gehrigs disease.
* That because of this trial in our lives, that there will be no one that will be able to doubt the absolute power of God in all of this.
* That this trial will help us and others learn lessons that will positively impact our lives forever.

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Update 5/5/13 — 2 Comments

  1. How nice it was that you were able to make the trip to Ona.!! Yes, it had to be therapeutic for all of you. My heart aches for Collin in such pain and for the challenges you all face, especially with the demands for Mom because you are so special to your little guys and the one who has been the most often there–I know Tom is, too, but can’ t be there when he has to be on the job. I continue to pray for strength for all of you in this. The photos are so cute–can’t imagine the joy you feel seeing them play together and Luke beaming for the camera!

  2. So sorry to have missed getting to see u all! We had to skip mollys party because we are still getting over some colds here. Keeping you in prayer.