Update 6/27/13

Just another short update you to let you know that Collin’s admission has been backed up again because he is still not over whatever bug he has. Thankfully he has tons of energy and acts like a normal 5 year old during the day, but at night he is still pretty stuffy and has been running a low grade fever for days- thankfully nothing that is high enough for us to have to be admitted. Today they had to re-swab his nose for infections because the first swab on Monday came back inconclusive- not positive or negative. If Collin has a cold then they will start either Sunday or sometime next week, however, if they find that he has a strain of influenza, he will be hospitalized for 5 days of antibiotics and then will start his transplant. To give you an idea of his “plan” for transplant I’ll try and communicate his roadmap that they gave us… they count really interesting…. they consider Day 0 the day he gets his stem cells back that they took after round 2. This is technically the “transplant” part and the stuff before it is considered conditioning.
Day -7- Admit and start an anti-seizure med
Day -6- Busulfan (chemo med)
Day -5- Busulfan (chemo med)
Day -4- Busulfan (chemo med)
Day -3- Busulfan (chemo med)

Day -2- day of rest
Day -1- Melphalen (another chemo med)
Day 0- Stem Cell Infusion
Day 1- whenever- Collin getting GCSF (through IV I think this time) and waiting for his counts to come up and praying for no infections during this time.
Hopefully this helps give everyone a clearer picture of what is to come. We are still unsure of when we will be admitted due to his being sick, but thankful for a few more days at home with the whole family and getting to see him be a “normal” kid.
Lastly, I included a link a few days ago about Courageous Collin t-shirts. I will be closing the order form on July 1st so that we can get them ordered. If you are interested please get your order in before midnight on the 1st and I will try and get the exact price out to you on the shirts the next day. The price will be between 8-12 dollars and the cost is strictly for the shirts. I was hoping that those who get the shirts could then take pictures of themselves wearing the shirts and send me the pictures so that I could post them in his hospital room and he could see how many people love and support him and are praying for him. It would be so cool to fill his wall with faces as I know so many are staying updated and praying for him.  🙂  Here is the link again in case you’re interested. http://www.customink.com/signup/3h4hjhwy
Thankful for…
* God- my verse of the day on my phone says so much and is so fitting again for our day and all of our days. “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is. Jeremiah 17:7. How true this is, doesn’t say we will have perfect days but does say we are blessed and indeed we are.
* Being able to spend time with all of my boys and laugh with them and cuddle them. More wonderful than I could possibly express with words- but my heart is overflowing with thankfulness.
* The many who continue to support us and pray for our family and most especially for Collin.
* The countless blessings we’ve received in this process thus far.
Please pray…
* That Collin’s pain would be manageable during transplant and that if it is too much for him, that he would be able to rest a lot so that he would not have to be in so much pain.
* That Collin would be divinely protected while his counts are bottomed out. That he would not have any complications and that his body would be free from infections that would cause him harm or even death.
* That the boys would continue to know that they are loved and adored even when we cannot be together as a family and that we would all be able to weather through this time apart.
* That Collin’s counts would recover quickly and that the chemo would not damage anything that is healthy but would ensure that the cancer never returns.
* That Collin would do alright with his new hearing aids and would not feel too self conscious about them- and that maybe he would even miraculously recover the hearing he has already lost.
* That Collin would feel the love of kids around him and know what it’s like to have friends who love him regardless of his differences. So thankful for his friends around here and his cousins that don’t treat him like he’s any different then them.
* That no matter what happens in this process that Collin would not be scared and would continue to know and be comforted by the presence of God.
* That our entire family will feel the nearness of God in our lives and that His power will be proved to us and to all around.
* That after treatment is done that the cancer would be entirely gone from his body and that it would never return.
* That because of this trial in our lives, that there will be no one that will be able to doubt the absolute power of God in all of this. “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37
* That this trial will help us and others learn lessons that will positively impact our lives forever.
* For all of the children who have been previously named in our prayer requests.


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Update 6/27/13 — 1 Comment

  1. Of course we are still praying here in New Orleans and we love you sooo much, but God loves you even more. That is so amazing to think about.
    We love you Collin, Amanda, Tom, Coopie & Luke. Praying you all will find God’s peace through all of this.
    Love, A. Wendy, U. John, Eli, & JJ (I am sure this includes Josiah and Ana too) 😉