Update 8/10/15

   So I should really apologize to all of you out there who do not have Facebook but follow our blog. I haven’t been great at updating the blog after we are done with scans and other appointments and I should be. So my new goal is to really try and be on top of that!
   The last update I put on here was asking for a prayer request for Collin’s upcoming scans. In case you haven’t heard, his last scans in June were clear for which we are grateful. The MRI he had not only scanned for tumor but also was used to check the status of the iron storage in his body. The results from that MRI were again inconclusive. He continues to fall in a range where his numbers are higher than normal, but not showing significant enough for them to intervene, based on protocol. However, we were referred at this appointment to a hematologist who will closely monitor this from now on. This appointment will take place next Monday, August 17th as well as his yearly hearing check- hoping and praying that this has continued to stay unchanged and has not gotten worse. The last time we had appointments we also had a consult with an endocrinologist because Collin’s thyroid numbers at his yearly appointment were high, so they have been added to our list of doctors as well. I am thankful to report though that his blood work from those appointments showed his thyroid was back in range, so I’m praying that this will continue.
   We also found out at his last appointment that this upcoming scan in September will be his last 3 month scan (assuming and praying that they see nothing) and then he will be going to 6 month scans. This is a few months earlier than we expected, but she explained that protocol has changed and the new guidelines say that if there is no sign of disease that the scanning can start being spread out more starting at 1.5 years post treatment. It doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been done that long, yet it seems like a lifetime ago and praying that continues.
   In other exciting news, we added another member of our family on July 22nd. Not quite as soon as mom was expecting, but thankful for her safe arrival. Emilyn Christine Anderson was born at 1:09 p.m. and weighted 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long. I will say that her pictures are a bit deceiving because she looks rather chubby but she’s pretty long and lean! Her brothers are very much in love and love showing her off to people (especially Cooper). Now that she’s here we are making up for time lost this summer and just got back from a 5 day stay at Grandpa and Grandma Rhatigan’s where the boys got to do lots of swimming and other fun adventures, and Collin has already started his next adventure at Grandpa and Grandma Anderson’s where the rest of us will be joining soon. The boys are thrilled they finally get to go places and not be stuck at home (which they really weren’t stuck as we still tried to do stuff with them-just couldn’t travel.)
   In a few weeks Collin will be starting 2nd grade and Cooper will be starting 1/2 days in 4 year old Kindergarten. I think they are both really looking forward to it, Coop especially- he assures me that even if I cry and miss him, he will still be coming home. 🙂
   So that is about it for news on our end. Utterly grateful for the blessings we have received with the new birth of our baby and Collin’s continued health. We continue to thank God for His answers to prayer and continue to pray for the future. Thank you again for all those who continue to think of us and pray- to say we are grateful isn’t even a strong enough word!

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Thankful for….
* Emilyn’s safe arrival and the help we were given in taking care of our other kids and stuff around the house.
* Collin’s clear scans and positive tests results for other issues.
* Browyn and Cheyenne’s continued health!
* All four of our kids being able to meet each other and be together. There were so many times we didn’t even dare to hope this was possible and we are so thankful for it.

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Please pray….
* For Collin’s upcoming scans and tests- that they would continue to be clear of cancer and clear of other issues. He is currently being followed and seen by: oncology, hematology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, audiology, and GI as well as his regular pediatrician.
* For Browyn’s continued healing- that she may be well enough soon for her port to come out!
* For the families who do are not able to have all their children together, who will not be sending their kids to school this year, and who everyday live with an empty place in their heart that was once filled with their child. It is impossible for me to be thankful for our blessings without remembering these families who know lose that I cannot even begin to imagine and hope and pray I never have to.
* That the journey that Collin, Browyn, and Cheyenne have been on and continue to travel will be used to show people the power of God and would either prove Him to those who doubt His existence or would bring all of us closer to God. I know in my heart that these kids did not go through all of this for no reason, that God has a great plan! I pray for myself that my life will continue to be changed because of this- I don’t want time away from the hospital to cause me to forget or take for granted all of the blessings we have and all the things I learned because of all of this (and continue to learn).

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Update 8/10/15 — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for your wonderful update, Amanda!! Your children are so adorable!! I love the boys’ proud smiles as they surround baby Emilyn with love! Prescious, indeed! Yes, prayers continue for Collin’s tests- for continued health. Thanks be to God!